Dr. Bircea was wonderful. He took the time to talk to me, find out my concerns and recommend therapists outside of his office for counseling. He was very honest, I've finally found a doctor I respect and will continue to see on an ongoing basis.


Dr. Bircea is an intelligent, caring psychiatrist that listens to his patients. He puts you and your needs at the center of care. I highly recommend him for anyone that's looking to take the next step in their mental health care.


My first appointment with Dr. Bircea was a very positive experience. His manner put me at ease, and he took considerable time to listen, ask questions, and understand my history and past treatment before offering a diagnosis. He explained all the various medications in detail and discussed possible courses of treatment in terms that I could grasp.

He also gave me a variety of resources to better understand and deal with my condition. The woman at the front desk in the office was also very welcoming and kind.

B. K.

I saw Dr. Bircea after a recommendation from my therapist. He was patient, non-judgmental, professional, and easy to speak to. Once he deduced that I would benefit from medication, he was able to clearly explain what positive changes and negative side effects I might experience from this medication.

He pulled up detailed information about my symptoms, diagnosis, and medication on his monitor and walked me through every little detail, being careful not to overwhelm me with medical jargon and technical terms. I'd absolutely recommend him!

L. E.

I have been seeing Dr. Bircea for a little over 2 years now, and he is wonderful. Hardly ever have to wait more than 5-10 minutes, the receptionist is SO sweet and always makes nice small talk with me.

The office is always very clean, and easy to get to. Dr. Bircea is very knowledgable and provides TONS of resources like information about support groups, supplements and other natural things, encourages exercise, and overall health and happiness.

He is not there to just push medications on his patients. He is easy to talk to always makes me smile when I visit. I highly recommend him to everyone.

j. S.

He is a fantastic Doctor. He listened very intently with and asked all the right questions. With any questions I had, he made sure to explain it too me in a very scientific and down to earth way.

He also played out the pros and cons with each medication that was available to me and would prescribe based on his consultation with me. It was very personalized and geared towards my needs and I felt like he took the time to really work with me instead of just pushing a prescription on me. He's very knowledgable and professional, also very honest and practical.

So, I highly recommend this doctor.

D. H.

Dr. Bircea is a wonderful doctor with an extensive background. I've been a patient of his for years and he has always gone above and beyond for my care. He's down to earth and isn't a pharm pusher. His secretary is awesome and is very resourceful. I never have to wait long to be seen.

J. W.

Very professional and kind; to the point; honest and easy to talk to. Dr. Bircea is very helpful- listens to patient's requests and thoughts considerately and attentively.

G. F.

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