Conditions I treat

Talk to me, I’m here to listen to you. I will do my best to understand you…


“My thoughts are scattered. I forget whatever matters. It may seem quiet. But believe me, my brain is a riot. If I don’t listen, it’s not because of lacking discipline”.

02 Anxiety

“It just gets harder to breathe, to sleep, to eat. I’m really freaking out. It’s you that I fear. It’s you that I blame. My heart is afraid to fly, it crashed before. High anxiety, you win.”

03 Bipolar

“I cannot remember if we were dancing or fighting. Why these dishes are broken? Why do I feel these emotions? And now I cannot control my solitude.”

04 Depression

“I swear that I was born for better days. But every day it keeps getting worse. I'm all alone, I'm feeling like I'm useless. I've been trying hard but I'm only human and the devil wants my soul.”

05 OCD

“The kitchen sink is dirty. The blinds are unequal. My phone is fake plastic made, but my friend is filthy rich. It should be recognized as sin, immoral. I’ve got to make things right. The way it’s supposed to be.”

06 Other

Other mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, stress, trauma, insomnia.

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