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Here are some of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix how to speed up wordpress them using cPanel. There are many ways to change your wordpress password and in this post we will explain the 2 most common scenarios. Once you have uploaded the theme/plugin, you need to visit your WordPress admin area to activate the theme/plugin.

If you have a lot of traffic, all-in-one plans can get very expensive. To extract the file you can use WinRAR. Once the file is uploaded, the item will be installed automatically. Don’t forget to save changes to the file. 3. Press the Save Draft or Update button. However, free wordpress theme looks simple and elegant and comfortable, changing topics on your website can make a person’s identity.

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  • Responsive Design
  • Create a title tag between 60 to 70 characters
  • Master Woocommerce in under 90 minutes
  • Google Analytics WD
  • Provide CRM integration
  • Does the theme offer drop-down menus

The main issue with this plugin is that is not maintained regularly and might not work as expected with newer WordPress versions. Now you might think which of these two CMS to choose if they both are equally famous? Needless to say, your great resource might be old news or non-existent by the time you return. During this 48 hour window you should avoid making any changes to your website as you may be changing the old version of the site. In some cases, the entire feed may not import on the first attempt. The first thing I noticed was the sloppy homemade look of the site.

Not at all. In fact that was the number one thing we looked at in the beginning, our technical hosting needs. One note here – if you are backing up from a much older version of WordPress, skip this step. They are also available as managed installations just about everywhere now a day which allows you to benefit from the advantages of the all-in-one’s discussed earlier.

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